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Username: billbernhardgay

Location: Houston, Texas
Sexual Orientation: Gay
City: Houston
State: Texas

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Bill Bernhard coming out gay and baring all
Houston, Texas

Hi there guys Bill Bernhard here coming out bi/gay here in Houston, Texas. I say bi/gay as I love having sex with both sexes. I love giving head while being ass fucked and I love orally pleasing a woman, making love to them and helping them bring their man to climax too. There is nothing better than making love to a man or men depending on the occasion. I love another man’s warm body wrapped around mine and having that throbbing penetration over and over again. I was married twice to women and loved every minute of sex with them but the excitement I feel with a man cannot be beat.
My first experience with a gay sexual encounter was at the age of nine with a friend who was sleeping over of the same age. It was just caressing and that was that but it did spark my interest. At 12 a friend of mine approached me at school and asked if we could give each other a blow job so we did in the bathroom of the private school we were attending. That was also my fist kiss with another male. At thirteen my best friend of 14 asked if he could have anal sex with me and without hesitation I said yes. I never forgot those experiences but went on to live a normal Heterosexual life getting married having kids but never forgetting the homosexual urge within. It was not until my twenties during my first marriage that I had my first sexual encounter with another male. We made love for over an hour holding each other, kissing, enjoying oral sex and the pleasures of anal sex and from that point on I was hooked. Since then I have had countless sessions with bi couples, gay couples, gay group sex and of course one on one gay making love sessions. I joined the military and for 20 years I served with distinction with multiple tours in war zone assignments. Once I got out I went nuts going out with guys and having gay sex. I still enjoy the company of women as well as men and that is why I consider myself both bi and gay at the same time. There is a lot more to tell but that will be another time.

Bill Bernhard
Houston, Texas

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